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Get help with Personal Taxes

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Get help with Personal Taxes

Whether for yourself or your family, we can put a financial plan together that will help meet your goals, so you can confidently know what you can spend to enjoy life now and have a dedicated saving and investing strategy for retirement and other long-term goals.

Drenen Tax Expert Services

Make life less taxing with Drenen Financial. We will make sure you keep as much of your money you can. With our team of professionals we will work to lower your personal taxes. Here at Drenen we utilize our knowledge of tax law to benefit our customers. Don’t dread paying your taxes, get excited for the financial security and planning you deserve. Any plan can go haywire if taxes are not prepared for ahead of time. Rest easy and let us do the rest.

What do I need to start taxes with Drenen?

In order to have DFS handle your personal taxes we will need copies (or downloads) of your bank statements, credit card, and/or access to your QuickBooks. It will be useful to us to also have your previous year filed. Supplying this information allows us to get started as quickly as possible on your return.

Can you help me with QuickBooks?

Here at DFS we are QuickBooks Certified Instructors. Book an appointment today and get help on QuickBooks. We will walk you through everything from downloading and purchasing to advanced tax preparation. Drenen Financial Services team members are versed in QuickBooks Desktop as well as QuickBooks Online.

Do I need receipts?

It is always better safe than sorry, especially in the world of the IRS. Drenen recommends you bring everything you can to the table. We can represent you in an audit but we need you to provide us with the fuel to secure a good outcome.

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