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Lynne Mulligan

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Lynne Mulligan


Office Manager

Financial Services Administrative Assistant

Lynne is the Office Manager at Drenen, and she serves as Sonny’s Administrative Assistant on any Money Concepts-related work.  Since 2007, Lynne has been keeping the office running and humming like a well-oiled machine and been instrumental in the company’s growth.  Before Drenen, Lynne was a Licensed Insurance Agent for personal home and auto insurance.  She has a BS degree in Business Management with a minor in Psychology from Westfield State University.  Lynne enjoys working with clients as a support to Sonny.

Favorite Quote:  “Everything happens for a reason.”

Contact Info

Contact No: (413) 569-0015
Email: lmulligan@drenenfs.com OR lmulligan@moneyconcepts.com