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General Resources and Financial Calculators

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General Resources and Financial Calculators

Mortgage Payoff – Learn how to save thousands of dollars in interest on your mortgage.

Traditional IRA Calculator – This helps you figure out how contributing to an IRA could help your retirement.

Roth IRA Converter – This shows the advantages, or disadvantages of converting your IRA to a ROTH.

Retirement Planner – Learn if your retirement plan is on the track to success, and also how to keep it there.

Self- Employment Taxes – If you own your own business, you will get an idea as to what you are going to owe in Self-Employment Taxes.

Accelerated Debt Pay-Off– Debt Consolidation is a large part in the battle towards becoming debt-free.

Money Concepts – Walter Drenen is a local Money Concepts Independent Financial Planner. He provides insurance, investment, and financial planning through Money Concepts.

The Internal Revenue Service – You can find tax advice as well as forms, and publications.

CBS Marketwatch – This site is full of information about investments. You can look up stock quotes, mutual fund as well as IRA information, and there are investment message boards, where you can receive advice from public investors.

U.S. Department of Commerce – News and Information regarding the United States Economy, and it’s interests in other countries. Also some career listings.

U.S. Small Business Administration – Offers Information such as planning, starting, and managing your business. Also some information on different laws and regulations regarding small business. A comprehensive site for entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Social Security Administration – Information on your retirement, medicare, disability and survivorship.

Federal Consumer Information Center – Information on all consumer products, as well as frauds, and scams. There are also many free publications offered through the site.

Where’s My Refund? – Check the status of your tax return refund.