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Month: December 2023

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New Business in 2024? Don’t Get Buried in FinCEN Filings! (But Know Your Exemptions)

New regulations like the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and Beneficial Ownership Identification Rule (BOI) could mean additional paperwork.

DBA vs. S Corp: Choosing the Right Gear for Your Small Business Engine

The best choice for your small business depends on several factors, including your projected income, number of owners, and risk tolerance.

What Are Tax Accountability Plans and Can Drenen Help Determine Your Eligibility?

Tax accountability plans, synonymous with tax compliance programs, are structured IRS arrangements designed to assist taxpayers in meeting their obligations efficiently.

How to Strategize Your Business for Schedule-C Taxpayers

How to lower your taxes legally on your Schedule-C for small business owners.

When is capital gains tax a concern?

Capital gains tax can be a big surprise. Making a profit from selling stocks, bonds or fund shares could have financial implications that could hurt you in the long run if you are not aware of them. Single Filers Income Level Long-Term Tax Rate Short-Term Tax Rate* <$44,625 0% 10-12% >=$44,625 and <$492,300 15% 22-35%…
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